"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." (Chinese proverb)


a refreshingly original way of advertising outdoors


causing a disruptive effect in outdoor advertising

In 1999, RAPS Founder, Chalik Campbell, took his first step exploring the possibilities of kite-making and kiting as a  sport and viable business model in Jamaica. Some 6 years later, discussions around his kite-making passion during a job interview with the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC), earned him 2 business grants (JBDC 2006 & JAMPRO 2008) to conduct a feasibility study on using giant kites as aerial billboards and to research and design affordable Out-Of-Home media alternatives such as blimps, giant inflatable and amphibious billboards. With the help of the team at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean, Chalik reached his thousand
mile marker in 2016, when he and co-founder, Kai Campbell, founded RAPS Mobile Outdoor Media.


Their 30 years’ collective experience in the creative arts and business management, has helped steer and fuel RAPS’ quality guerrilla OOH services.

Forget about doing things the traditional way. Let's try something original and experiential together!
We’re happy to join you and / or your media planning team in designing a wikkid campaign with mobile audio/visual billboards at the heart of it.
Tell us 'bout the goals you’re hitting or want to hit with TV, radio and Internet and give us the opportunity to surpass them! Our mobile billboard domination leaves an indelible, branded impression on each passerby.


One mobile billboard will turn heads.
But a fleet of 3-12 mobile billboards motorcading our roadways will certainly keep everyone’s

More than a town crier, our mobile billboards use both audio and visual communication to cause a scene and get your message seen and heard more effectively.


We're the first mobile billboard company in Jamaica to offer Out-Of-Home campaigns with interactive media (print and digital) in sky adz, targeted routes and special event adz.

We walk good, fly good, drive good and even float good.






Our media formats attract attention regardless of what niche you’re in suh come CHALLENGE US to impress yuh, even if wi never list yuh industry!




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