We offer short-term air-branding activations for special events and marketing promotions island wide using our CUSTOM BRANDED AD-KITES and team of professional kite flyers.

            Sky Adz put creativity in the hands of clients who "think above the box". They are great attention-getters, both in

               the air and from land; at day and beach events, resort towns and public spaces.




Flights are determined by location and require windspeed of 4-18 mph.


A marketing campaign without mobile advertising is like ackee without saltfish...just wrong. Market the right way with our impelling fleet of audio-visual mobile billboards and guerrilla street team.


    We’re ready to represent your brand anywhere in Jamaica.



Ad-Trailers are a premium street advertising service that delivers pound for pound - direct access to high traffic areas, be it vehicular or footfall-focused, plus a quality PA system, 2*NFC and bluetooth capability to share your messaging via SMS and potential 200% reach with our multi-layered guerrilla advertising strategies.

Ad-Trailers are ideal for OOH route campaigns, plazas, communities, town centres, & outdoor event activations. Island-wide coverage available.


No other medium offers guaranteed coverage like our Ad-Trucks. With our direct targeting strategy, we’ll drive your adz to pinpointed physical locations that your ideal audience frequent. Our Ad-Trucks are more likely to be noticed and recalled than traditional static outdoor ads and are the most flexible OOH investment. Plus, dem come wid a wicked sound system and can send SMS messages to near by customers! Ad-Trucks are ideal for OOH route campaigns, plazas, communities, town centres, & outdoor event activations. Island wide coverage available.


Digital meets mobile ad on wheels with our state-of-the-art i-Trucks. Their interactive LED billboard displays alert consumers as they near your activation, then SMS a call-to-action for rewarding offers.
Our specialty is outdoor advertising, but we’re omni-channel thinkers, committed to strengthening your name and increasing your revenues!


LED AD-TRUCKS offer full video and audio capabilities alongwith an exciting interactive platform that employs touch and immersive technology via Bluethooth and SMS messaging.

Be impressive. Make an impression. Gain impressions.


Water adz include our Amphibious billboards, linkable airtight inflatables that can accommodate ads up to 48’ wide. Banners attach on 2 sides of a large format, portable A-frame billboard that can be displayed on any surface including water. This truly unique media will catch the attention of your targeted consumers in unlimited markets island-wide.


Amphibious billboards are ideal for larger scale outdoor promotions, campaigning at the beach, roadside advertising, rooftops and event branding activations.