Our mobile billboards are equipped with live GPS tracking, which means we know where your unit is at all times. We keep constant (but safe) communication with the drivers who are in the field on campaigns, so if you need us to change a route, we can make real-time adjustments to your campaign. We’re up-to-code when it comes to following digital driver laws and have a high standard for accountability on and off the road.


As a general rule of thumb, drivers on most campaigns average approximately 120 miles a day. For best exposure, routes targeting one physical address are kept within a 3-5 mile radius. Geographical areas need to be kept, targeting no more than 20 locations within a 10-mile radius per day. We’ll be happy to assist you with your routing and other questions.




In addition to all the reasons why we love out-of-home advertising, we truly believe in the power of our unique and specific media formats. We use an intelligent mapping system to strategically plan your customized route to converge your desired audience demographics with the locations that will garner the most views. We are currently exploring partnerships with the Advertising Agencies  Association of Jamaica (AAAJ) to lead the charge in calculating mobile billboard measurements in the top ten Jamaican markets, to prove that this outdoor media format gains more impressions within a larger coverage area compared to any other out-of-home media. And when you factor in price, it’s one of the most cost-effective advertising mediums for the return you’ll receive. With our expanding beacon technology offerings, we are adding in even more metrics that will be available during and after your campaign.


Our field marketing teams deliver same-day detailed reports chocked full of both qualitative and quantitative data to keep you informed and provide an accurate portrayal of what’s happening on your campaign.

Let’s talk about what campaign metrics are important to you and how we can properly measure against those key performance indicators (KPIs).