communication on-the-go

Talk 'bout engaging and relevant marketing! We can layer several digital OOH solutions together to deliver interactive brand-to-consumer messaging, such as: i-Trucks - mobile LED billboards - on your route, push notifications via geofencing to alert consumers when they’re near your activation and SMS call-to-action to deliver rewarding offers.

     Paired with our direct targeting strategy, you’ll engage your precise audience with highly rewarding content that

        makes sense in a consumer’s world. Our specialty may be outdoor advertising, but we’re omni-channel thinkers.

           Out-Of-Home and digital go together and we're driving mobile digital OOH results in Jamaica.

Mobile + OOH has the potential to revolutionize the medium and elevate the conversation

brands are having with their consumers.”

/ Mikhail Damiani, Blue Bite




i-TRUCKS have full video and audio capabilities with an exciting platform for interaction through Bluetooth, touch and gesture technology, to reinforce your brand with your consumers. Our 3.9mm pitch LED screens can also displays real-time camera feeds and content streaming during OOH campaigns at no additional cost to clients. Our DigiTrucks are available for tailored single client use as well as multi-client campaigns that travel generic routes.



double sided billboards/ backlit/ audio

black Silhouette of Jamaica map
beacon messaging
beacon messaging

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iTruck image
iTruck image

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i-Truck 1
i-Truck 1

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i-Truck sizes:

  • double sided  - 7'W x 5'H

  • triple sided  - 2 sides 8'W x 5'H / rear 6'W x 5'H


  • 3.9mm LED screens

  • PA system

  • SMS messaging

  • live feed streaming

  • brite graphic system for campaigning day and nite