Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising or the more familiar, outdoor advertising, is any visual advertising media found outside of the home. They take the form of billboards and signs, ads on street furniture like bus shelters or benches and place-based ads that you might see at the supermarket or cinema; accounting for thousands of locations and screens around Jamaica.

As one of the oldest and most enduring methods of advertising, it is seeing a resurgence due to new technologies and its immense effectiveness - brighter colours, movement and easy-to-manage-campaigns.


RAPS Mobile Outdoor Media Ltd. is an Out-Of-Home (OOH) media company that merges nontraditional media with mobile billboards and audio communication to create affordable outdoor guerrilla advertising campaigns for businesses looking for unique ways to engage directly with their consumers.


We pride ourselves on forging highly collaborative relationships with your brand and ad agency partners to strategize, ideate and execute amazing OOH campaigns that highlight more integrated and distinctive activations.


To provide guerrilla OOH advertising services that place spending power in the hands of our clients, allowing them complete control of how, when and where their ads are seen.




so YOU achieve market success

We are currently the only national mobile billboard and field marketing company in Jamaica. With streamlined and scalable operations, we can drive guerrilla Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising campaigns in any market across the island.

Come roll wid us!




co-founder/ gerneral manager


founder/ ceo - chief guerrilla marketer

marketing & sales executive

ChalÍk has over 20 years’ experience in experimental outdoor advertising media from design to fabrication of 24’ flying banners to 24’ blimps and 60’ field branding activations. He has a long history as an entrepreneur and owns and operate businesses in three different sectors. A self-styled, innovative visionary, this Branson Centre Entrepreneur’s proven team management attributes puts his dream in the hands of his competent team as he encourages creative flexibility and freedom of expression as defined strategies for growth.

“It is my firm belief that the principles of entrepreneurship can be taught, just as leadership can.”

- Chalik Campbell, CEO - RAPS Mobile Outdoor Media

Kai manages administration, financial planning and human resource under her portfolio. Her over 18 years’ experience dedicated to improving lives with her interpersonal and human skillsets make Kai an invaluable asset as HR Director. Kai’s experience in her role as lead psychologist at KAD Morgan and Associates as well as being President of the Jamaica Psychological Association is unquestionable and her skillsets will shape our HR management system. She's also a Director of the Morgans Group of Companies - a market leading foam packaging and bedding business.

Dayna is our Jane-of-all-things Marketing-and-Sales. Her combined 12 years experience in:

  • account management

  • strategic planning

  • social media advertising

  • content curation and creation

  • customer service and

  • community building

make her ideal for building client relationships and promoting brand awareness as well as an invaluable member of our guerrilla creative advertising team.


Camile has spent 7 years in management and administration and is currently pursuing a level 3 qualification in Business Administration. She’s very diligent in accomplishing time sensitive tasks, collating data and ensuring that all staff members adhere to scheduled timelines.

  • OUR VISION: “To drive Jamaica’s mobile billboard advertising industry forward with our Guerrilla Out-Of-Home (OOH) and data analytics services;” arising from our belief that outdoor advertising should be portable, useful and engaging.

  • OUR MISSION: “To provide affordable, measurable and engaging mobile billboard advertising services for businesses in Jamaica.”


  • OUR CORE VALUES: “We are committed to sustaining a professional environment that exudes thoughtfulness, reliability, accountability, resourcefulness, creativity and respect for clients and staff.”